Large Golden Stake

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Support your plants in beauty with golden stakes.

Add a decorative and functional touch to your green space. You can use it both in the garden and planted in a pot on the terrace or in the living room.

They are made of recycled aluminum and made in Slovenia.

The stakes are designed for pots with a minimum height of 30cm. If you use them in pots that are too small, they will be less stable because the amount of soil will not be deep enough.

4 different models:

  • ARCH (Height: 70.00cm; Width: 20.90cm)
  • SQUIGGLE (Height: 70.00cm; Width: 24.30cm)
  • PINE (Height: 70.00cm; Width: 10.70cm)
  • ZIGZAG (Height: 70.00cm; Width: 11.50cm)


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Large Golden Stake

Botanopia , founded and managed by Lise Lefebvre, is a young brand based in the Netherlands, which designs products out of love for everything that grows.

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